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Imagine feeling empowered representing your faith in today’s society, in the manner that fits the desire of our Creator.  Imagine feeling confident in what you do and how you do it, protecting your modesty whilst expressing your own unique style & individualism and whilst living to the laws of your faith.


Founded in 2016, Samimi is true to its one of many meanings in Turkish ‘intimate’ and ‘sincere’ with one's faith whilst being confident pillars of Islamic society.



“I struggled to find modest clothing that embodied my faith whilst simultaneously expressing a sense of style throughout my journey to where I am today” – Nese, founder of Samimi


“With consideration, compassion, and empathy towards sisters in a similar situation, and to women who already adopt a modest lifestyle, I have carried out research to create clothing to appeal to each individual taste”


Samimi is there to empower sisters/women by understanding the importance of how each journey taken is intimate to us all.  Offering a diverse range of Abaya designs to simply meet the demands of everyday life is our goal; making each step you take a comfortable one.


Operating in the UK with a team of passionate individuals, we deliver a clothing range that is affordable yet ethically sourced.  Ensuring that the quality of each item is at a high standard, with integrity we work closely with our UK & global partners to deliver this promise.




As with life, the brand is evolving, and with appearances made at Modest Fashion Events  around the UK including London Runways, Samimi welcomes all sisters to be a part of this evolution.  We believe in personalised service, therefore with healthy access to our social media, expressing who you are and your needs could not be easier, as staying true to our ethos of ‘I am who I am’ is at the core of what we do. 


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