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Posted on October 18 2017

Assalaam Alaikum my sister and Welcome to Samimi. You are probably thinking ‘just another modest wear brand’. But before go off to another website just ask yourself two things.  As a Muslim woman living in the 21st century what does modesty mean to you and how do you dress to feel empowered? Before we answer that Samimi means intimate and sincere and this is the driving force of my work.

To answer these questions and to help the many millions of Muslim women worldwide Samimi was created. I source the material, design the range and add my own touch of what modesty should be in every piece. Needless to say every piece is unique and has my heart and soul poured into it so that you my sister, can walk out of your home knowing that what you are wearing is not just another Abaya but a statement of empowerment and a testament to modesty in the 21st century.

Supporting me in this endeavour is my team who share my vision of uncompromising modesty blended with elegance. The material for every piece we design is ethically sourced and before we get down to designing it we always remind ourselves what modesty is and how we can preserve it in our work.

I want you to join us on this exciting journey and be an ambassador for Samimi. Needless to say, when you wear one of our items I want you to feel happy and confident and share this through our social media. We are open to any suggestions you may have on improving our range so please feel free to leave constructive feedback. But most important of all when you wear the Samimi range feel beautifully modest and empowered. Be Samimi.



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